Bob Lazar vs. Dan Burisch

Message posted by Jason on April 04, 2006 at 6:53:48 PST:

All of the discussion about the validity of Bob Lazar's claims forces me to ask about the legend and lore of Dan Burisch....I have read several pieces about the "Area 51 Microbiologist", and alot of his accounts on projects that he has worked on, people that have spoken to or interviewed him.

Now it seems obvious to me that on the playing field of government black level programs, that credibility is a very valuable asset to levy against someone aiming to publicize the "un-publicizeable". So I guess what I am asking is, where does Dan Burisch fit into all of this. What validity is known to exist in his accounts? He claimed everything from his work on the Ganesh Particle to his own brainwashing & something about a Stargate at or around Frenchman Flat.....Thoughts?


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