Re: Groom Lake overflight by Google?

Message posted by Alex on March 27, 2006 at 10:13:38 PST:

Im surprised that google are allowed to show Groom. I thought the base isnt really supposed to exist, so why have google been allowed to take high-res images of it? Im not complaining that they have got the images, like JC, i just wonder if they ever got a warning or anything. But maybe the government dont mind the images being seen. They must know by now that people know the base exists and also what the base looks like. They probably know that people know about the prescence of black projects at the base. And we all know the good folks of groom lake arent stupid enough to leave black projects on the runway. Like the government memo said after the skylab incident: "what do the images really reveal?" As long as the satellites dont see something they are not meant to, i dont think the government are going to be angry, and google will be allowed to show the pictures.

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