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Message posted by The Major on March 25, 2006 at 23:05:55 PST:

Perhaps we should look at Lazar as an odd sort of "gift horse." Undoubtedly, his bogus link between Groom Lake and the UFO phenomenon brought long overdue attention to the facility, and with that attention, legitimate sites like this one directly benefitted from the hoax. However you get to Dreamland, be it hunting aliens or looking into "black" projects, once you surf this site, it doesn't take long to get hooked on the mysteries of the REAL, very terrestrial missions of Area 51!

As an aside, Lazar certainly opened the "can of worms," but probably not for the reasons most people believe. The Lazar hoax reminds me of another one perpetrated on the UFO community, the so-called "Majestic" documents. Lure the unwary and foolish out into the open, then pull the rug out from beneath them...

But I digress into a forbidden realm... ;)

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