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Message posted by Alex on March 24, 2006 at 13:52:38 PST:

My interest in area 51 started in 2004-5 when i heard about the aurora on a documentary shown in the UK. I did an internet search for it and then found pages about area 51, and my interest grew from there. I heard about Lazar a short time afterwards. As someone who doesnt believe groom lake (or indeed anywhere in the vacinity) is a place to hide extra terrestrial life forms and ships, i thought (and still think) lazar is a looney. But i doubt without all the media attention his claims brought to area 51 and the surrounding area, the base (and indeed its black projects) would be as famous as it is today. But if lazar hadnt made those claims, i dont think groom would have stayed out of the headlines for long. As we are naturally curious people, it wouldnt have taken long for someone to see something strange happening at the base, and report it to the media.

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