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Message posted by JimK on March 15, 2006 at 15:44:22 PST:

Nice photos! I've never been up that road. Most of my travels have been Caliente to Carp, Caliente to Rachel and up the ET highway.

I doubt Joerg has the space but it would be neat to set up a web site with hi-res photos of Lincoln County and nearby areas with photos tied to a map using GPS coordinates and direction of view. The only thing I would want to leave off would be crash sites for obvious reasons.

For those who have never been there, there are some nice photos of the Meadow Valley (from a railroading web site) at

The photos cover Caliente down through Carp and further south toward Las Vegas. The road crosses the tracks many times. Those who have read the Hunt for 928 will be able to see a lot of the road that Tom travelled on. It's actually a beautiful valley with narrow twisty roads and bright colored cliffs. The same web site has photos going northeast from Caliente toward the Utah line.

A good set of photos of the Meadow Valley after the flash floods of January 2005 is at

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