Nellis AFB Activity report

Message posted by Nimrod on April 18, 2001 at 22:19:31 PST:

Just a quick note about flight activity at Nellis on 4/16.

I parked at the North end of the base at about 10:00 am and observed for about 90 minutes.

As I was pulling up - I saw 4 F-15 on finals landing from the North.

A few moments later - a group of A-10s took off to the north and headed NW.

Then a group of F-16's came in from the NW. I wasn't sure if they were foreign, as they were brown and yellow. The others were blue/light blue and a few grey ones.

The earlier group of F-15's had taxied to a holding area and waited for about 20 mins, before departing to the south, and then turning NW.

A short while later - a dark green German Tornado followed.

I also spotted a number of light grey Tornados (RAF F-3's ?).

I was really happy to see all this activity - I had a great 90 minutes.


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