Re: Interesting location at the TTR

Message posted by lone wolf on March 15, 2006 at 7:29:27 PST:

Well, I didn't make my guess because I didn't want to bias anyone (at least for the initial round of guesses).

I'd say it is not a phased array, or it doesn't look like the phased arrays I've seen, which tend to have flat pannels. Pavepaws would be an example.

I don't think it is a RCS either. No pylon or dish.

I can't rule out ECM testing. What Dave is saying, if I read his mind correctly, is that those white lines look like a yagi antenna. It would be beaming the signal to the dozed area. However, there are also four towers in the area. What do they do?

My guesses and $1.70 get you a medium coffee at Peet's.

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