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Message posted by Lumpy on March 13, 2006 at 19:22:05 PST:

Will wrote:
> You are tracking it on Google Earth, you say?
> Please let me know what you used (in Google Earth)
> to do so, sounds interesting!...

Find the Janet flight number via FlyteComm or any of the typical tracking websites. Once you have the Janet flight number, go to the fbo page at

Change the final three digits to whatever Janet flight you want to track and let that page generate a map and related data.

Then in the right hand column of that page, under the world map, you'll see a link that will generate a google earth kmz file. It should open your GE program automatically and put an airplane icon at the appropriate spot. The plane even faces the correct direction and you can look at it from any/all angles using the google earth pan/zoom/angle controls.

You can do it for any airline. Substitute AWE (America West) or any other 3 character airline ID for WWW and add the appropriate flight number.

You can open several flights at once. You have to open them all separately.

If the Janet flight numbers stay the same from day to day, you can simply leave them in your google earth and they will automatically track/update etc.

Very very cool indeed!


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