3 digit numbers on Janet aircraft

Message posted by lone wolf on March 07, 2006 at 19:43:47 PST:

If you look at photographs of the Janet 737s, then generally include the last 3 digits of their military serial number painted near the nose. That is:

N5175U was 72-0282 has 282 near nose
N5294E was 72-0284 has 284 near nose
N5176Y was 72-0285 has 285 near nose
N5177C was 72-0286 has 286 near nose
N5294M was 72-0287 has 287 near nose

Now the one exception is N4529W, which never had a military serial number. However, it has 290 near it's nose. Does anyone know why 290? I contacted Joe Baugher and he doesn't know.


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