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Well, now Tikaboo is another story as I am carrying stuff more essential than good coffee. However, if you really wanted a good brew on Tikaboo, I'd suggest using an Esbit type stove (solid fuel) since they are about as compact as you can get. I use a MSR stainless teapot, which I think holds a liter. I use a standard glass French press, but there are now unbreakable Lexan French presses available at REI. Lexan French Press will get you plenty of google hits if you don't have REI locally.

Generally I use a small Coleman camp stove for heating water. The high desert can be so cold that you might have trouble using butane stoves, so I use the kind that takes Coleman camping fuel. I keep the stove in an old air-tight military transit box to keep the fumes from entering the truck. The fuel goes in those red metal containers sold for storage, and then inside an ammo box.

Traveling with a camp stove is kind of a problem since you might stop in Vegas and thus have need to lock your car (doh!). However, it can get really hot in a locked car, and the fuel for the stoves generally warn about storage over 120 deg F. Vegas can be nearly that hot outside, let alone in a car. The advantage of using camping fuel is that at least it is not under pressure. The Esbit type stoves are probably the safest in this respect, but they take a long time to heat water.

Stansport makes an Esbit copy. I've used the Stanport fuel as well. My point is just buy whatever brand your local store carries as there is very little difference in the solid fuel stoves.

MSR makes some really small stoves that run on camping fuel, butane, gasoline, Jet A. If you want to bring a real stove up Tikaboo, MSR products would be the way to go if you are trying to keep everything small and light. Some people claim the "special ops" types use MSR gear.

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