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My recollection is the house that is located to the east of the dry lake uses a mining provision to hold the property. The assay is to prove you are still mining. I think the requirements to have an active claim are quite low.

To curry favor with Vegas developers, Jim Gibbons pushed to send Lincoln county water to the south. [Hey, it costs money to run for governor. Lincoln County residents be damned.] Without water, you can't have development, so other than the rail line to the dump, I wouldn't expect many new parcels in the Sand Spring Valley.

Of course, my question is why move there? The better snooping spots are not in Rachel, but in the hills. The fees to camp on the BLM land are quite reasonable, namely free if you move your camp every 14 days. Unless you are on Tikaboo, you won't see the base.

BTW, Alamo is the edge of the Vegas commute. I would expect all development to be south of Alamo. When the bridge on 93 got washed out, it became clear how many Alamo residents hold Vegas jobs. [Vegas is a union town, so the wages would be at least 3x what you make in the county.] However, I knew that Alamo residents were frequent city visitors since quite a few of the homes have wifi, which spells "Fry's run" to me.

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