replies to my post

Message posted by Rob Foster on March 01, 2006 at 4:19:08 PST:

Looking at your replies to my post, I think some people misinterpreted my comments.

If your nationality isn’t American, you wont be eligible – I’m a white European, I wouldn’t be eligible either. I didn’t mean to imply non-whites wouldn’t be eligible - I felt I needed to clear that up.

Also, I meant ‘too suspicious’, as in; I look like a plane spotter!

It’s a fair comment to say that ancillary worker at Groom, may not be contractors, I don’t know whether they are or aren’t. But if they are, I still maintain that the sort of information that could be intercepted by casual eavesdropping is underestimated.

Another good point brought up – the woman I saw in the Janet photo may well be an engineer, although she gave me the idea of ancillary workers working in the area.

PS Lisa Randall, I don't care if she can cook - what does she look like naked? :)


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