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Message posted by lone wolf on February 28, 2006 at 23:35:06 PST:

Flat top looks like a rock climbing exercise to me. Tikaboo might break a bone or two if you screw up, but Flat Top looks deadly.

Another question is where can you see the Groom airspace. Obviously, there would be more spots where this is possible.

In theory the power line overlook sees into the airspace, but I'm not sure how high the planes would have to be AGL. I saw something fly out of Groom once from the power line overlook. All I saw was a light that seemed to be flying towards us and to the south. It went behind that damn hill that blocks your view and never popped out on the other side of the hill. It could have been a Janet leaving the base in the opposite direction then doing a loop to the west.

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