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Message posted by lone wolf on February 28, 2006 at 20:05:34 PST: has some photos from Reveille Peak. I'm sure you could see the base from Mt Charleston (very far away), Bonanza Peak (nearly as bad as Charleston). There is a peak to the east of Tikaboo that probably has a view, though it looks like a nasty climb. Maybe flat top near Queen City Summit, or perhaps peaks in the Sheep Range near the desert wildlife preserve.

Even on the way to Tikaboo, there are spots where you can see most of the base. People often camp at the last false summit to avoid the wind at the top of the peak, then climb to the top in the AM.

I think I mentioned it here that I found quite a few remains of firecrackers at the last false summit, so somebody had a heckuva party there.

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