Re: A couple of thoughts on Area 51

Message posted by time on February 28, 2006 at 18:28:38 PST:

There are plenty of women, and people of the wrong "nationality" that work at Groom and other bases on the NTTR. Being a muslim or some other high profile race doesn't automatically discount you, and since Arabs are viewed as "Caucasions", it would be no problem (as long as you're a US Citizen obviously). As far as being too suspicious, I don't know. People who work at Groom and other facilities don't post here because the Classified Nondisclosure Agreement prevents them from doing such. Acknowledging the existence of Groom alone, is against the agreement.

However, one doesn't go in there with the mindset that he or she will be working at Groom, because there are many other places to work on the range.

So let's say you get a job with EG&G special projects (hypothetical) as a technician, just because you are told you will be working on the range, and flying out from the terminal, doesn't mean you will work at Groom.

As far as the black windows, this is all BS. Everyone thought the Janets had blacked out windows until an upclose picture was posted that showed it was just like a regular 737. This all streams from that fakey Bob Lazar.

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