Hiking to Mount Aaron

Message posted by gary on April 13, 2001 at 10:01:37 PST:

Mount Aaron is mentioned in Glenn Campbells Area 51 guide. It is the monument on the hill near Hancock Summit, that is the location where Dr. Glendenning had his "experience", leading to the formation of the House of Aaron. You can reach it by climbing the rather steep hill, but I discovered an easier route. [Of course, I discovered this route after doing the difficult climb.]

Park at N37 25 50.0 W115 22 25.7
Cross the highway then walk to N37 25 57.0 W115 22 28.2
That is a point at the side of the highway. You will see a wash. Procede to N37 25 59.6 W115 22 28.5, then N37 26 00.4 W115 22 24.6, then N37 26 00.5 W115 22 18.9 At this point, you should be able to see the monument. Just head up the hill to N37 25 52.9 W115 22 18.3

For those without a GPS, in plain English, park at the litter barrel near Hancock Summit where you can see the "outhouse" on the hill. Cross the road and head towards your left until you reach the wash. Follow the wash back a bit until you see a ridge that leads to the monument.

Once at the site, there is a box with a log to sign, and of course the monument inscription to read. [Think of it as a merrit badge for Area 51.]


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