Book is "Finished!"

Message posted by The Major on February 21, 2006 at 19:58:35 PST:

After a grueling 3 1/2 day session, it is finally finished... Well, the pre-"editor-wants-to-make-a-thousand-changes" version of it is finished.

It is a novel, 466 double-spaced pages, and the genre is "Science Fiction/Thriller."

Now, off to find a reputable literary agent to peddle it for me. Got to convince one of them, first. (Anybody know one?) I'm preparing a mass-mailing to the better known NYNY literary agents. All fingers and toes are crossed...

Best time estimate for the good folks on the Dreamland Resort Forum to shell-out $25 for a hard cover edition, the proceeds of which will go into the "Major's Big-A** House in the Cayman Islands" fund, is 2 years.

Of course, the Dreamland Resort Forum and the Forum Participants will be recognized in the "Acknowledgments" as having provided valuable information. And many "thanks" for that!

The Major


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