groom radio monitoring site

Message posted by gary on April 13, 2001 at 9:45:37 PST:

I found a good spot by the ET Highway to monitor the radio traffic from the operation near Groom Lake. It is at N37 25 19.5 W115 22 39.4 There is a parking spot that is off the road enough so that you won't get hit should a vehicle not negotiate the turn properly. The Nevada Forrest Service has cleared this spot to allow them to reach a pile of rock that they are using for a guard rail project nearby. This lets you back the vehicle into the spot perdendicular to the road, that is you can see the Groom airspace out the front windshield.

The 117.5Mhz AM tower freq can be monitored there at about the same signal strength as Powerline Overlook.


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