Red Flag 2/14 PM session

Message posted by lone wolf on February 20, 2006 at 18:07:28 PST:

From 308.6 and 228.2:

challice alleycat icepack puma24 puma26 tusker21 arson11 arson13 killer21 killer 22 killer23 anker25 anker26 pecos41 pecos42 iron51 iron52 buster23 brick31 mole11 mole12 mole13 knight41 knight43 kinght44 tron1 tron2 lizard31 greedy31 pablo61 digger21 gamble11 evil21 evil23 evil24 phasor11 phasor13 cylon1 cylon2 cylon3 cylon4 sword51 sword52 reaper31 weasel11 hydra11 crate47 focus38 ghost1

coordinates N36 55.040 W115 38.3 target destroyed

Message given to some players:

local altimiter 2968
surface wind 0908
enemy migs transit SAO but did not engage earlier today
air picture clean at this time
plot at 0230z run north sourth through papa alpha zero zero
line moving rapidly west
luxor forces on disorganized retreat
enemy units stranded on high ground
may try to fight west towards luxor border
units and paramilitary dug in on mountainess terrain
roland reported not confirmed
aaa up to 37mm along the plot
small arms up to 14.5mm
manpads up to sa16 confirmed


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