Re: New Janet B1900?

Message posted by Gregos on February 19, 2006 at 15:07:29 PST:

Here is a Janet viewpoint that I keep thinking about from time to time:

When I moved to Las Vegas 3+ years ago, a bunch of us went on a sunset helicopter ride over the strip. It’s run by Papillon Helicopters out of the Executive Terminal. It costs (then) $55 per person or you can rent it privately for $350 with up to six guests. It's a very short trip from the airport, around the Stratosphere and back to the airport –15 minutes tops. However, you leave right next to the Janets and fly right next if not over them. I did not know this prior. I think if someone planned it before sunset, with the proper equipment, they would probably get a few really good pictures! After we did the fly over I joked with the pilot on the I-com that there was an extra $20 bucks in it if he’d fly us up to Area 51. He didn’t get my joke but pointed and said, “It’s that way!”

Also, has anyone ever been to The House of Blues Foundation Room (Mandalay Bay)? I hear they have a balcony and that faces the airport! I was invited to a party Thursday night but will be out of town –doa! Ah, they probably wouldn’t appreciate me dragging up a camera and tripod anyway… I am sending someone to do my recon though! Lol!

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