RF 06.2 (Period 2) and T-Bird T-38 Arrival at LSV Fri.

Message posted by Jim Bob on February 18, 2006 at 20:15:44 PST:

I was at the Speedway Friday in the same timeframe as Gregos. I was in a red Ford Explorer between gates three and four.

I was at Nellis, in one way or another, everyday for the past four weeks. I live up on a the mountain in Henderson and can listen to the evening missions.

Comments for Grgos:

Good stuff.

"Pickles Four One" is actually "Pecos." I have made the same on incorrect observaions more than one once.

"Moll" or "Mole" is a RAF Tornado from the U.K.

There was a Brit flying a B-2 in 06-1. He was an exchange Tornado pilot with the RAF.

There was also female flying a B-2 during 06.1.

The T-Bird schemed T-38 ("Eight Mike Xray") is owned by Ross Perot, Jr. A former "Thunderbird Two" has been flying it. It has been at the past two Nellis airshows.

"Concord Something Heavy" was actualy B-2s using "Congo" as a callsign."

Jim Bob


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