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Message posted by The Major on February 10, 2006 at 16:18:15 PST:

As I recall, there was plenty of daylight available between 6:30 and 8AM, so I'm not sure what the advantage would be to arriving 30 minutes later. It's possible they may have just been running late. I guess the only way to be sure, one way or the other, is to see if they consistently enter the gate around 8AM. Not terribly practical unless someone has the time to be out there every morning.

The book? Almost finished! About 5 DaVinci Code-style (meaning "short") chapters left. If I was sequestered at the wonderfully quiet and relaxing Edwards AFB Lodging with the TV turned off, a supply of sandwich parts in the fridge, and a 55 gallon drum of Diet Dr. Pepper, I could probably finish it this weekend. Now that I'm home, non-stop distractions will be the rate-limiting factor.

The really "fun" part of writing this book is coming up: enticing a literary agent to take up the cause...

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