Interesting Tidbit from FAS

Message posted by Trevor on February 08, 2006 at 12:02:16 PST:


Air Force personnel are warned in a recent instruction not to
track low observable (LO) or "sight sensitive" aircraft during
test flights at Edwards Air Force Base.

"Low observable" is another term for stealth, and "sight
sensitive" refers to objects that yield sensitive information
simply by visual inspection.

"It is strictly forbidden to train tracking sensors (e.g. radar,
infrared, electro-optical, personal cameras, sound recording
devices, etc.) on any LO or sight-sensitive assets," the Air
Force instruction states.

"The single exception to this rule is to promote safety of
flight." Even then, "Recording of data will immediately
terminate upon the termination of the flight safety incident."

See "Security Procedures for Inadvertent Tracking and Sensor
Acquisition of Low Observable and Sight Sensitive Programs,"
Edwards Air Force Base Instruction 31-17, 14 November 2005
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