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Message posted by The Major on February 07, 2006 at 10:21:16 PST:

I arrived at the gate right around 8AM. Saw the bus about 10 minutes later as I was leaving, maybe less. He was making some good time on a dirt road! Sounds like I was lucky to see it... What time do they usually arrive?

I will say one thing about the area surrounding the "gate," it is a great "choke" point for an ambush. Anybody stupid enough to run the gate wouldn't get very far, but they probably would make it past the hill on the right if they were traveling fast enough. I don't know what the road/trail looks like to the vantage point the guards use (the satellite photos are weak), and I wouldn't presume to second guess the intercept tactics they have long since hammered out, but I couldn't make out a trail in front of the truck, and it seems that backing into the observation point might give them a faster response to a gate-crasher. Perhaps the difference in response times are inconsequential due to hidden assets, like a second vehicle (the white truck that passed me?), or sophisticated means of disabling a vehicle, such as an EMP device hidden beneath the dirt road. Maybe the sheer distance between the gate and the facility makes shaving a few seconds off response time completely irrelevant. Anybody have any thoughts?

The books is probably 90% complete, thanks to a great, uninterrupted writing session at Edwards! Time to start soliciting literary agents.

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