PC Mentality (off topic)

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on April 10, 2001 at 13:26:24 PST:

The suggestion wholesale incarceration of a certain ethnic group was nowhere to be found in my post, although a serious student of WWII would find that the Japanese were far more and routinely prone to atrocities in occupied countries and to captured belligerents. The humane treatment of the Japanese in this country was far different than the Japanese treament afforded the civilian Chinese population of Nanking. At any rate, the idea I'd like to ensure is clear is the realization that the Chinese have little interest in sharing power, or even playing nice. Once they have amassed, bought, or stolen enough technology to become a world-wide power, do you think they will not maintain the primary Communist goal of imposing their will on the West? Utterly naive. They are in for the long haul, and the Chinese Communists hope the head in the sand westerners will prevail to guide us while they grow stronger. Like I said, any government that uses the full strenght of the military AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE, should not be underestimated for treachery. Read your history, do some research, and try not to let liberal PC confuse you with reality.

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