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Message posted by Joe on January 23, 2006 at 5:27:11 PST:

I was at the cape last Tuesday for three hours of launch delays and a countdown to T-minus 2:30 or so before the scrub for high winds. Then heard about the scrub on Wednesday before going out to the viewing area (how can they not have a back-up power supply for their mission control center at John Hopkins?!?)

Thursday was like a reunion for those of us who had spent the three hours together on Tuesday. Lots of clouds and an hour's delay before an amazing launch.

The nine Apollo missions to the moon took three days each to get there. New Horizons passed the moon's orbit in 9 hours!

Spent this past weekend in Key West and will be in Miami for a few days before heading back there, or into the Everglades National Park, or perhaps back up to the Orlando area. Killing time until I go to Atlanta for a conference on Feb. 25th.

I've got a new ThinkPad (my old 1400i finally died last week after 8 years) and as soon as I get the software loaded, I'll send a photo from the video I took of the launch. Might even be able to upload an mp3 of the launch if I can figure that out.



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