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Message posted by Mark Dahn on January 15, 2006 at 20:44:15 PST:

Honestly, since there was a band of haze and/or fog which extended approx 15-20deg up from the northern horizon, and apparently obscured the capsule for most of its pass across the portion of N. Cal. sky I was watching, my view was all too brief. But, from here, it appeared comparable in size, brightness and color to Mars during its nearest approach to Earth last fall. I didn't observe any trail behind it, or hear any sonic boom, as I had during Shuttle re-entrys in the past. I imagine that if you'd driven a couple of hours North from L.V., your view would have been much more spectacular than mine! Next time, huh?
Anyone up Rachel way (or anywhere else, for that matter) stay up and catch it?

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