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Message posted by Peter Merlin on January 10, 2006 at 14:16:39 PST:

There is really nothing unusual about a JANET 737 being parked or towed in front of Hangar 18. There is nothing magical about Hangar 18. It is just a big builing in which to work on airplanes. I, myself, would prefer to work on airplanes indoors if the weather was hot, cold, or wet.

As to your three questions:

The "blast wall" outside of Hangar 18 is exactly that. It is a jet blast deflector to prevent nearby dirt or debris from being thrown about by the blast of an airplane's engines during start or run-up. Such walls are common at military and civilian airports.

The landing strips marked on the clay surface of Groom Lake are crosswind runways to be used if the prevailing winds across the main concrete strip (Runway 14L-32R) are too strong to allow a landing on that airstrip. The crosswing runways include 09L-27R/09R-27L and 03L-21R/03R-21L.

The "platform" on Runway 14R-32L is a concrete pad called the "midlake turnaround" that was used if an airplane had to land on the emergency overrun for the original Runway 32. That airstrip (14R-32L) is now closed in its entirety. It has been replaced by 14L-32R, now referred to simply as 14-32.

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