Re: Hanger 18 plane & -=three simple questions=-

Message posted by ZoteX on January 10, 2006 at 4:59:47 PST:

Yeah, I used the measure tool on the Janet planes and they had exact the same lentgh & wide, so it problaby is a Janet, but what is it doing just outside of Hangar 18?


And 3 simple questions.

* The "blast wall" outside of Hangar 18, does that wall have any good use at all?

* And I saw 4 Landingstrips on groom lake that's called 09L & 09R and the other 2 is called 03L & 03R. Is this landingstrips still in use? some info?

* The mainlandingtrip has a "platform" in the middle of groom lake, what is that thing?

btw, thank you for a wonderful site =)

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