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The Key Airlines was reported by Bob Lazar, so you have to factor the source into the equation. ;-)

I put a link to an Air Force Magazine article on how flights used to go from Nellis to Tonopah. Lake Meade Base is Area II, where they have the nukes and the "club fed" now. While the article indicates civilian aircraft were used for the flights, it isn't clear that they were Janets.

You might want to research the history of McCarran airport, rather than just the Janet terminal. I thought originally Nellis was "the" airport for Las Vegas, and McCarran was built later when the town grew. Senator Pat McCarran (i.e. the man), is a story all too itself, and not a pretty one.

The Clark County assessor and record offices are on line, so you can find the current owners of the terminal. Generally to get old history on property, you need to do a title search. It depends on many factors, but I've done such searchs for about $20 a parcel. Most counties don't put the old data on line, so it takes a visit to city hall. In a city like Vegas, they probably point you to the computer. [I've done record searches in Nye county, and the clerks have the time to look things up.]

The Janet aircraft used to be leased. [Great Western bank I think.). For a bit of money, you can take the serial nubers of the aircraft and file papers witht the FAA to get history of the modifications. You can get the tail numbers on DLR, then get the serial numbers from the FAA database.

Lastly, if you are really curious, I'd suggest booking a room at the Tropican before they tear it down. Request the Island Tower, as high as possible, facing the airport. The reservation staff doesn't even question why you want such a room.

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