Re: Photo shows no nose!

Message posted by Magoo on April 03, 2001 at 20:26:43 PST:

Perhaps the radome was removed by the Chinese in order to get a look at the radar the plane carries?

Sat pics have apparently shown racks of computer equipment lying on the ground next to the aircraft, so we can take it pretty much as confirmed that the Chinese have had access to the hardware on the aircraft.

I have a question that perhaps Rocketfox can answer... The Chinese would no doubt be aware of most of the capabilities of US recon satellite 'birds', and they must have also known one would be re-tasked to look at the Hainan-Dao region once it was known the aircraft was there. Why do you think the aircraft and its equipment was left out in the open for the satellite to see? Why not put it in a hangar, and let the US sweat a little more on it? Do you think they're doing it to gloat, like, raising a symbolic finger, so to speak?


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