Re: we don't need no dirty stinking fighter planes...yes we do!.

Message posted by Sturmwehr on April 03, 2001 at 17:18:57 PST:

"How can production "speed up", if noone buys them?
Boeing aren't going to huild a heap of them and then drop the price by $20M a unit just in case someone wants to buy them!"

#1: You misunderstood me. I said once demand meets production the price WILL go down. The PS2 is $299 right now, 2 years from now you will probably be able to buy it for $150, if not less. It's because of supply and demand.


"Significant flight limitations were placed on the FSD V-22 in OT&E to date, including:

not cleared to hover over unprepared landing zones until OT-IIC

no operational internal or external loads or passengers

moderate gross weights only

not cleared to hover over water."

Ok, so the V-22 costs 2 to 3 times as much as a UH-60 and isn't cleared for hovering over water... Hmmm, I doubt the Navy would have much use for these, and you could just forget amphious landings and search and rescue.

#3: No armament on the V-22. The UH-60 can touch down (with both doors open) laying down cover fire and in 10 seconds all the 11 troops are off the chopper and on their mission. Meanwhile the delicate V-22 has no weapons, has only one entry/exit port. So they're getting shot up, staying on the ground longer, and can't fire back.

#4: Can you say training? The V-22 is going to require pilots to train with BOTH plane and helicopter. More time, money, and training deaths.

#5: It's plagued with mechianical problems. And add that with the difficulty of flying this thing, you'll have crashes. Lots of them. May I remind you how many crashes of the AV-8 "Jump Jet" Harrier there where when it was first adopted by the USMC? Many, and because of the difficulty of flying it, and flaws in the aircraft. Now since pilots are trained more and the flaws have been upgraded, crashes happen a lot less often.


"The program was revived by the incoming Clinton administration, and current plans call for building 458
Ospreys for $37.3 billion, or more than $80 million apiece, with the Marines receiving 360 Ospreys."

The UH-60 isn't going to be replaced anytime soon with only 360+ Ospreys in the armed service.

#7: The UH-1 is in the same catagory as the V-22 and UH-60. It's a troop transport, just like the other two. Not to mention I'd like to see pilots fly through tight places with the V-22 like the UH-1 can do. That V-22 is big, and even the smallest wind sheer is going to move the plane a few feet. So the pilot is going to have to constantly ajust the aircraft just to keep it in the relative area he/she wants it.

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