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As far as I know, the term Area 51 comes from the acqusition of the block of land in 1958.

On 20 June 1958, 38,400 acres of land encompassing the Watertown base was officially withdrawn from public access under Public Land Order 1662. This rectangular addition to the Nevada Test Site was designated "Area 51."

On 10 September 1959, EG&G agreed to move its radar test facility to Groom Lake for security reasons. On 17 November, an AEC spokesman announced: "Sheet metal workers needed at the Groom Lake Project 51 in the Nevada Test Site are constructing a butler-type building." Sometimes, construction projects were referred to by their Arewa numbers.

This shoud NOT be confused with the safety experiments Project 56, Project 57, and Project 58. Project 56 took place in Area 11 during late 1955 and early 1956. Project 57 took place in Area 13 in 1957. Project 58 took place in Area 3 in December 1957 and Project 58A took place in Area 12 in early 1958.

On 15 January 1960, the "N.T.S. Bulletin," an unclassified newsletter for Test Site workers published "NEW AREA 51 TELEHONE NUMBERS" on the front page. These may have replaced the old Area 51 (Watertown) phone numbers.

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