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Message posted by peter on November 07, 2005 at 15:17:26 PST:


Been a longtime reader of this website (5yrs plus)

Visited Area 51 twice now, once for 3 days and once for 2 weeks (back in 2000)

Pat and the late Joe were the nicest people I`ve ever met.

I gave Connie a Liverpool Football Club strip for one of her boys.

Toured around with Chuck (we found bullets !!, if you remember Chuck)

Camped out with Bill Wiff, big dog and little dog. Saw a strange craft at around 5.30am then the F22 getting tested.

Anyway............ wanted to share with the site that my partner gave birth to our 1st child on Saturday and is now home with me. Andrew Gerrard 7lb 7oz born 5/11 at 9.15pm. (uk time)

Thanks and apols for off topic post.



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