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Message posted by Hank on November 06, 2005 at 5:26:07 PST:

I assume that your question is rhetorical, and that you don't expect an answer to be printed in an open forum on the internet. I certainly don't speak for Joerg but as frequent visitor to the area for the last 20 years,probably more than 60 trips, I can tell you that the best source of information is your own eyes and ears. As well as the relationships that you develop as you spend more time in the area. Their is information that frequent explorers to the area have discovered that may never appear on the internet. Filing an Freedom of Information Act request with the appropriate agency may bring more information than you would think, even though its possible that entire pages may be redacted.
Their are many sources of information on the internet, some fact, some fiction. Google shows 88,100,000 pages for an area 51 search.
Their are many sources available for answers but the best source is the experience that one gains by spending time in the area and and developing their own knowledge.
No disrespect intended

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