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Message posted by lone wolf on October 28, 2005 at 19:56:45 PST:

I like to run my radios from AA cells, so that would eliminate the DJ-x7 for me. It depends how you use your scanners. I could spend a week without seeing a 117V outlet.

As you try to make a radio smaller, the radio tends to have more birdies. While I haven't seen a review of the DJ-X7, I suspect it wouldn't be as good as the DJ-X10 since the X10 is physically larger. Also, the DJ-x10 has a first IF outside the mil air band, so it is likely to perform better on mil air than the DJ-x7. However, I have no first hand experience with these radios.

Generally you only find radios with the first IF outside the mil air band (genearlly 700Mhz) in mobiles , not handhelds. The X10 and X2000 could potentially be really good radios based on the design. The X7 has the first IF around 243 Mhz, so you could get poor operation near the bottom of the mil air band depending on the quality of the mixer.

You can get reviews at

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