Re: Contact the FBI if you see vehicles without license plates

Message posted by lone wolf on October 08, 2005 at 9:41:58 PST:

Well, if you head out to border near bald mountain, the camos will have to drive on 375. [I suspect their back road is not passable.] It wouldn't be hard to set up a demo for George.

I think the only law enforcement that might care would be the Nevada Highway Patrol. So far, I have no evidence they are corrupted like the Lincoln County Sheriff.

What is interesting is if you didn't know they were camo dudes, you might actually be quite alarmed at seeing a truck with two hefty guys in camo heavily armed, watching you.

OK, I won't call the FBI and report the strange activity. Now it would make an interesting stunt for George Knapp to call the FBI on camera to report the no-license-plate activity.

Incidentally, I have a report from someone who was hassled near Queen City Summit by some guys in black BDUs that claimed they were federal agents. Without going into the background of this person they hassled, they really picked the wrong guy to mess with. The guy is on the road, but I'll try to get him to post his experience or let me do it for him.

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