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Message posted by Sundog on October 04, 2005 at 22:58:12 PST:

I have a drawing of a tailless delta winged fighter from a Boeing Presentation called the MRF-24X, where the MRF stands for Multi-Role Fighter. It's a very small lightweight fighter. It looks to be in the F-16 class, weight/size wise, but it has an internal weapons bay on the bottom under each wing root.

Also, there was SOME VERY interesting information in the latest Aviation Week. It's the Ocotber 3, 2005 issue on pg 33 about 'Black" Snooper UAV's. They have a drawing of a tiny UAV, 3.5" long with a 3.5" wingspan. Think of the three tail feathers on a dart and that's basically what it looks like. It is a rod, with three "metal(?)" feathers and a tiny sphere at the nose. They assume it's weight is in the micrograms category and the engineer who "saw" it, said it moved at about the speed of a person walking and a light breezes didn't appear to bother it. They said it is probably powered by a remote source via braodband RF energy. It goes on to talk about how there has been alot of work done on powering devices remotely using microwave energy and that this technology has been demonstrated on a "large" scale.

The reason I find that really interesting is that I had a friend who was stationed at Nellis AFB in the 80's and when he got married, around 1990, his Air Force friends told me about a plane, that they would "not" describe to me, that flew very low over their heads and made absolutely no noise. I wonder if it was powered using this technology or something similar? Just an idea.

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