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Message posted by Rocketfox on September 24, 2005 at 19:01:54 PST:

Link is to the BBS.

On the BBS you will find a lot of other people that also have Google Earth.

These people have saved placemarks to share with anyone that wants to download them.

They are a part of the threads, and are at the top of each posters' comments.

You can download those and then go to where the poster has found somehting of interest.

It's part of the placemark system, where you can either share with everyone else just through Google Earth. (that's what the Keyhole Community BBS Layers line is for), or you can put the placemark in the post on the BBS and share with only those that are interested.

I tend to do the latter as the Keyhole Community BBS layer can get very cluttered (like it is at Area 51 or Frenchman Flats)

If you need more help, let me know If you get to the BBS, PM RocketFox, just like I am here.

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