Re: Area 51: Fact Or Fiction On TLC

Message posted by lone wolf on September 12, 2005 at 12:11:41 PST:

While Chuck did a fine job in this documentary, it has countless flaws.

1) Security force voices on the scanner are not camo dudes, but Nellis range security. The camo dudes are on one or maybe several of the Groom Lake Edacs trunk systems.

2) A camera shows the notebook computer screen which displays the frequency on the Icom PCR1000 while scanning the security forces. The frequency is in the mil air band. The VHF range security frequencies are on DLR, so there was no excuse for this.

3) It's quite obvious Chuck and his "minder" did the Tikaboo hike, but the film from the hike is a panned image of a still, not filmed on Tikaboo. There was no excuse for the documentary film maker not to know they needed to hook up to a telescope. I had talked to the someone from the organization when they were looking for guide and pointed out what they needed to do AND that they needed to practice such telecinematography (if thats a word) before heading out.

4) Bob Grove and the security expert crouch behind a pole that they think is the border. If you head out to the back gate, look for a ring of rocks very close to the border. This is where Black F150, Magoo, and myself had a BBQ, just because that documentary said this was forbidden territory.

You just can't show up for a day or two and do a documentary on Area 51.

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