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Sam Dunham (scanstar/trunkstar author) knows his stuff. He was a programmer at HP until he got laid off years ago, and he totally survives on his scanner software. Much of it you will never see as he writes custom programs for three letter agencies (domestic and foreign). The problem using a PC to run the scanner is that it is much slower than letting the scanner run itself. This wasn't always the case, but it is true for win98 and newer operating systems due to the latency of the serial port. You will catch more radio traffic letting the scanner run by itself, but of course you lose the logging features.

Since you have APCO capability, you should program your scanner the Nevada Test Site trunker system while you are out at the range or in Vegas. There is some information on this at The information isn't completely correct, but you will hear much of the NTS system. The system uses multiple bases and offsets, with only one pair known, so once in a while the scanner will hop to an unused frequency, or worse yet hit the Groom Lake EDACS system. This is not the case when monitoring Nellis.

Note that eventually all the NTS information will be removed from radioreference. The DOE is very particular about this information being posted. They have no legal authority to do so, but fighting the feds can be expensive, and they don't play nice.

I use a Pro-96, so I don't hear the I-calls on the trunk system, but the APCO sound quality is much better. In fact, the Pro-96 sounds better than the official motorola radios. It also lacks LTR.

If you scan near Nellis, you may stumble upon an EDACS system using what sounds like ProVoice. This system is a mirror of the one at Groom Lake. It is not very active, so I presume there are not a whole lot of Groom Lake trunk system users at Nellis.

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