I'm sure THEY would...

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"When the point of the exercise was to verify the existance of space capable weapons so that they may be controlled by
mutual agreement.

end that...

Man, "you've" got ME confussed!

Brother, I've obviously been "IN-THE-DARK". Are. you identifying the North American Aviation's XB-70A, with "spaced-based" weapon's platforms?

this I know U know....

XB-70 "Valkyrie", was "funded" as a "nuclear" weapon deployment system. And, ONLY that! "Mr. B-70", "Walt" Spivak, would be "astonished", to see another "profile" on the ramp. For instance, The "B-1's" design is "based-on-principle", of, "AV-1"'s, radar signature return test's.

"Can't" be specific!

But, back to the point...the B-1's job is "nuclear delivery". Alot of "us", discussed WHY the B-1 was NOT deployed during "Desert Storm". Just, that (previous) reason.

I guess this WHOLE post is base on the fact that I'm NOT sure "what-the-heck", ( NO NAME), was "saying" in the 1st place. :)



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