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Message posted by lone wolf on July 24, 2005 at 23:08:04 PST:

Given the departure and arrival airports and a very narrow time frame, the plane can be determined:
1) if the flight is IFR
2) AND if the the plane is not blocked from the FAA database
3) AND the flight is civilian.

Blocked flights still appear, but you can't see the tail number. Military flights are not shown.

All the three letter organizations know this is being done. The CIA has pretty much given up on hidden their aircraft from tracking, though they change the front owners often.

There are some civilian planes that may escape tracking, but to say for certain is to prove a negative. That is, I know the tail numbers of certain planes that never seem to get tracked, but I don't know for a fact they are filing IFR flight plans. Two of the planes I have personally photographed, so I know they are not sitting in a hangar gathering dust.

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