Roswell Debris Field

Message posted by Papoose on July 05, 2005 at 10:54:14 PST:

Thanks to Chuck, Joerg, and everyone who provided information and GPS coordinates for the crash sites. I went to the Corona site on Sat. and met Joe Buchman there. We talked for a while near the SciFi monument.

Joerg, your coordinates for the monument were perfect!!! Thanks!!! I scanned the sinkhole near the monument with a Geiger counter for the hell of it. Nothing there was even slightly radioactive.

I went to the site of Chuck's coordinates and found a clearing in the grass and a USGS marker surrounded by rocks. The gas compressor station and landing strip were visible on a nearby hill, as was the windmill in the opposite direction.

I saw photos in the UFO museum of the crash site and SciFi excavation, which appeared to be a different area. I believe that the SciFi excavation was at the Corona site, but it looked different when I saw it.

Does anyone have any other coordinates, or is the debris field so large that I just was in the center of it? Maybe photos of the debris field? Thanks.

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