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Well, Boeing works told me that X-70 is indeed Brilliant Buzzard. Reason why? John and Dr.Mike (delete last names) say US Air Force refused to name X-70 for Brilliant Buzzard because operational X-70 "Brilliant Buzzard" were order to stop assembly after flight test fail several times and budget cut due crashes, computer glitch, mechanical problem and etc by Secretary of US Air Force. John and Dr. Mike were original employers of them to help develop X-70 in 1970's.

John and Dr. Mike are current works at Boeing Missile and Space center in Canoga Park (corner of De Soto Ave. and Nordhoff).




As far as looks go, I think both aircraft are a dissapointment. The Boeing X-32 looks like an updated version of the A-7 Corsair with that giant belly hanging under it, and the Lockheed X-35 looks like an updated version of the F-105 Thunderchief with those forward swept side intakes. I think the X-35 does look sharper than the X-32, but I hear that looks aren't going to really matter in the final selection. I heard that 'manufacturing cost' and 'maintenance cost' are going to be the deciding factors, not stealthiness, which is a shame. It will be interesting to see which aircraft can perform better in vertical take-off (VTOL / STOVL operations). Check out the official JSF web site of the US military

Personally, I think the Northrop YF-23 was the best looking stealth aircraft ever produced!! Unfortunately it lost out to the Lockheed F-22.

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