I also read the New Republic..

Message posted by Steve Amerson on October 29, 2000 at 22:26:14 EST:

Thanks for the "tip" on new sources of news material, I don't know what I've done without you!. I trust the BBC about as much as I do NBC. They are both globalist oriented. BBC has several managing editors that are supposed avowed socialists,(again, not uncommon in Britain). Most of the interesting tidbits I read are from WorldNetDaily, which is an independent online source as well as JWR and others. I have heard rumors about a vague Powell My Lai connection but to my knowledge there was never anything proven to his account. Trust me, if there was anything major to it, he would have never made it to Chairman of the JCS. I don't know how familiar you are with military protocol, but it just doesn't happen that way. Once that story broke he would have been toast if there was a shred of credible evidence to show that he was involved in a coverup. He would have never even made it to Lieutentant General, much less MG.. The US Army has no tolerance for blown cover-ups, African American or not. i know what you're going to say..they were all covering each others butts. I might agree if the story had never broken, but once it broke, anyone criminally involved would be finished as a career officer, ANYONE! As far as the DS POW/murder connection, why no outcry from Amnesty Intnt'l and others? I am sure some of this took place , but are you saying that Powell himself SANCTIONED it personally? You say he "let it happen". What exactly does this mean? With that premise MacArthur is guilty of the same because of the Korean No Gun Ri incedent. There are also several supposed incidents in Europe WW2 by liberated American POW flyers. Is Eisenhower guilty because of those also? Every army does things that are out of line, but you can't PERSONALLY blame the main theater commander for every incident of bad behavior by one of his troops...Maybe the unit commander.. Steve

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