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Message posted by Nick on June 01, 2005 at 2:25:55 PST:

I found something at a newsite, in Holland (Europe).
Do you all think this is true? Or it's just a load of bullcrap...

A man from mow Vegas claimt that he UFO's can let appear request itself. A camera plough of ABC action News selected last week themselves a time and location, and let the man be recall do. To large consternation of the camera plough there indeed a ufo appeared. Ramon Watkins, which itself calls Yahweh that writes jahweh - that is the god of Abraham, Isaak and Jakob - and is angels superhuman beings on its Internet site is which of another planet come, and that they visit the ground with spacecrafts. Watkins say that he this discovered in biblical texts and that he the angels on its request can let appear. He has claimed that he has seen since 1979 already more than 1,500 UFO's. On by the camera plough location selected Watkins concentrated, levied its poor at sky and pronounced a speech. Until large stupefaction of the television staff appeared there a clear ball which changes in a strange manner of position, direction moved himself a military basis, and then whereupon it flew back suddenly disappeared. _ in the nieuwsuitzending of ABC News say Watkins that there still much more UFO's the ground visit in the month June, and that even two day long a spacecraft read Vegas hang.

Thank you!

Attached link: Click here for the repot from abc news ( WMV )


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