Re: True confessions of Bob Lazar

Message posted by lone wolf on May 20, 2005 at 0:33:28 PST:

There may be elements to Bob's story that are true. For instance, he may have worked at Los Alamos and for Navy intelligence. [He claims to have shown the press a newsletter from LANL that mentioned him.] However, the flying saucer part of the story is a stretch.

Bob is not selling stuff related to his story, and it must be a pain in the arse to be known as the UFO guy, so you have to wonder why he would make up such a story.

What is there to gain? If Bob was just another computer geek, would his arrest related to the house of ill repute had made front page news in Vegas? If he was just your usual mad scientist, would the swat team have raided his house? [Those guys who take part in "teslathons" scare me more than a backyard particle accelerator.] And why go on Art Bell years later and tell the story again, just to cause more aggravation?

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