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I don't think there are any bodies buried on military bases (or at least not in any quantity). By mortuary, I'm thinking of a place where a ceremony is held. [Dover AFB is of course quite famous for bodies arriving during war time.] I don't know if every base has such a place, but I found one on my self guided tour of Travis. [I had a real hard time finding the museum. ;-)] It has the tall cypress trees you usually associate with cemetaries. The mortuary on the NTS must hardly ever be used since the time I heard it mentioned on their trunk radio system, people were asking for directions.

I used to not mention the exact location of "mojo mound" because I didn't know if the base knew the road to the spot existed. I had to do some "repairs" to make it passible, so I suspect the spot hadn't been visited in some time. Of course, now the base knows of the location since I photographed the Hind there (and they saw me) and Nellis downloaded the photos and lots of scanner audio. I still rather keep the spot off the radar since the road isn't very good and I don't want to cause someone to get stranded. However, the location is within walking distance of the border, i.e a bit further south than Brainwash Butte and also a little further west.

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