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Message posted by NC-Nighthawk on April 29, 2005 at 13:53:34 PST:

Lone wolf,

They must have changed the policy or slipped up when I took the trip several years ago. We had visitors from both Canada & Japan on our bus and we did get into the conference room at CP-1.

We had a woman there that asked the guide several times about Area 51. His response was the usual one of he did not know what she was talking about. After the 3rd time, I turned to her and told her to look at the map in the top right corner. That did not sit will with the guide.

When we were up at the crater, he made a point of coming up to me as I was looking over the range of mountains towards Groom Lake. He said that there was nothing over there. I just smiled & said that I did not know what he was talking about.

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